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Key Principles

The key principle upon which Hartlepool First operates is to always put the best interests of Hartlepool and Hartlepool residents first. Each member will look at every decision on its merits and make what they believe to be the best decision for Hartlepool, subject to that decision not discriminating unfairly for or against any individual or group and being in accordance with the law. Putting Hartlepool First believe that local issues should be decided locally in Hartlepool Council Chamber by Councillors free to decide their own position on each issue without being influenced by regional or national party policies or interests. Putting Hartlepool First Councillors, both collectively and individually, agree to safeguard the interests of all residents and tax payers, promote just, efficient and effective local government and encourage the electorate and business community to take an interest in local affairs without being influenced by party political dogma. Putting Hartlepool First Councillors are members of a party with a group identity and as such are recognised under the Constitution of Hartlepool Borough Council ensuring full participation and representation within Hartlepool Council.


Unlike other parties, Hartlepool First does not operate a Party Whip which often leads to councillors being forced into voting against their own personal judgement and views. Hartlepool First Councillors are free to vote based on their own knowledge and experience. However, within this freedom, there are a number of key principles and policies which command consensus within the group: Openness and Transparency Hartlepool First believes in genuinely open and transparent local Government . Support local business. Hartlepool First will always use locally based business that are capable of providing goods or services to the standards required and at a competitive cost. Reducing Waste Hartlepool First will always attempt to obtain best value for any public money under their control, reduce waste and bureaucracy noting that best value does not always mean taking the cheapest option. Council Tax Hartlepool First believe that Council Tax increases should be as close to zero as possible and should remain so until Hartlepool Council Tax is lower than the average level in England and Wales. Economy Real, well paid jobs are the bedrock on which everything rests. Hartlepool First will encourage employment and investment and support all legal means possible to attract inward investment. Education Hartlepool First wants the best possible education for the children of Hartlepool. We will work with and support the Head Teachers of all schools in the town and encourage any initiative that increases educational attainment. Health Putting Hartlepool First is committed to improving the health and well being of Hartlepool Residents. We will support all initiatives, regardless of where they originate, which lead to such improvements. We unreservedly support the retention of full hospital services within Hartlepool. Environment Hartlepool First will support programs that improve and enhance the environment of Hartlepool. We will campaign to simplify the current bin collections as these have not been proven to improve recycling. Crime Hartlepool First will support neighbourhood policing initiatives and any program that reduces not only the level of crime but the fear of crime. Hartlepool First will have a ZERO Tolerance for any kind of drug related crimes.

Expenses and Allowances

Unless above and beyond normal duties then any of Hartlepool First's elected representatives will not claim any additional expenses. Any special responsibility allowances payable solely as a result of a position within the party and which would lead to financial gain will instead be donated (net of tax and NI) to party funds.


Applications for membership must be made in writing to the party executive using the membership application form which is available on-line HERE  The party executive is empowered to accept or reject any application. Any membership, other than a founder member, shall be probationary for six months. Applications will only be accepted from UK residents who support the party's aims and who are not current or former members of any other organisation membership which has been declared by the part executive as incompatible with membership of Hartlepool First. If a member of Hartlepool First subsequently joins such an organisation, or if the member is found to be a member of such an organisation or acts in a way to undermine the reputation of Hartlepool First or to bring Hartlepool First into public disrepute then their membership of Hartlepool First may be revoked by the party executive.
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